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Scott Stevens

Back to Back Games

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Can someone do some research on back-to-back games for the Red Wings? I'd like to know what our record is in them over the last 5 years. Seems like we're toast no matter who we play in the 2nd game. I bet it's like that for almost all teams, but it seems like the Red Wings get crushed every time.

I'm going to blame the NHL scheduler for tonight's loss. We had 7 days to get in 2 fricking games, and we got stuck with Friday/Saturday. That's stupid.

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In my head back to back games after a 5 day break are harder then a one day break. With a 5 day break theyre playing 50% everyday then bam back to back. Rather then already being up to speed with a short break then back to back. I could never relate but being on a pro level small s*** probably effect them a ton

Probably makes no sense to anyone except me

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I just don't understand why the NHL doesn't come out with a policy that back to back games would / should only be played @ home.

Honestly. Obviously we know little about the scheduling process, and television coverage has a lot to do with dates and times, as well as other events at places like the United Center, but still. You'd think in the days of pocket computers and gene splicing we could figure out how to schedule games between 30 teams with consistent schedules. I'm pretty sure Excel is only like $125 bucks, and comes with Word so the league can spell check Lidstrom's name and get it right for a change.

Really, even if we could fix the Wings schedule to be consistent or front loaded I would be fine. The last few years its been the same as this one: 4 or 5 day breaks with back-to-backs at the beginning of the season and then attrition later in the year. 3 days off max, minimize back-to-backs with travel, fold the BJ's and Panthers.

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Yes the NHL is boneheaded, the scheduling is ridiculous, yada yada yada.

However, to state that you place the blame for the lose on the back to back games with travel is equally as ridiculous.

You would not have been negged if you simply said "it didn't help" rather than being such a Homer as to actually place the blame.

They played 12 to 22 minutes of hockey one night, then had a 1:27 flight from Detroit to DC and had to play again later that evenning, in the same time zone.

Not to mention they've been playing back to backs every Friday & Saturday since they were 15 yrs old. Juniors is almost all back to backs. They're used to playing in Medicine Hat and then riding a crappy old bus to Kamloops for a game the next night, for crying out loud.

Whatever you do, don't give any credit to the undefeated Washington Capitals and their new dedication to Red Wing style hockey, the Red Wing prospects they ended up with in thier lineup, the goalie that kept them in the game, the bad hockey bounces, etc.

God, I hope no other team's fans are looking at this thread.

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