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November 2011 Schedule Wallpaper Now Available!

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So how about including the Griffins schedule with the monthly wallpaper?

It's still Red Wings related, so the backdrop theme shouldn't matter. Maybe having a small logo and time for Griffins game in the upper left corner of the day box when they play. You wouldn't really have to say if they are home or not, since it really doesn't matter that much. Plus there is no TV channel, so that also saves room. This way when they play on the same days, that upper left corner won't affect anything else.

Just something I'm sure people wouldn't mind knowing, since there seems to be a lot more discussion and interest with the Griffins lately.

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Random thought, could you make this in a mobile format? I have it on multiple home computers, my work computer, but need it for the unlock screen on my iPhone. No idea what the ratio is and it might be a bit of work as its taller than it is wide.

Just a thought. Keep 'em coming! People know to check my computer for schedules as I always use your wallpaper!

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