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11/23 GDT: Flames 3 at Red Wings 5

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Yay! Game tomorrow night...I thought it was tonight earlier today.

Thanks Mike :) Wings are going to win because they need to prove to us and themselves that they are serious about turning things around...even if it is the day before a holiday.

Trey - just to be sure make sure there's a pun in here :P

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Kenny should pull a Vince McMahon and write up a trade contract involving Hudler straight for Iginla storm over to the Flames press box hit Jay Feaster in the head with a briefcase and make him sign the contract with his own blood.

Oh, and lets go wings! :ph34r::hehe:

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The Detroit News

White's back

Defenseman Ian White (fractured cheekbone) returns after missing four games.

White, hit in the face with a shot, will wear a full shield. "I dodged a bullet," he said. "Fortunately it wasn't serious."

The Red Wings will keep Smith in town after Babcock said one other defenseman is "sore" and may not be available.

Fabian Brunnstrom was assigned to Grand Rapids to clear a roster spot for White. Brunnstrom's wife is expecting their first child by this weekend.


Smith might play for the Red Wings Wednesday against Calgary, if another defenseman can't go (likely Jakub Kindl, who's been bothered by a sore shoulder).

If Kindl can play, Smith likely will be sent back to the Griffins after Wednesday's morning skate.

Edited by P. Marlowe

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GDT will be periodically updated. I won't be able to see this one as I'll be in my old stomping grounds of Kansas City, MO. Leaving at 6 tomorrow morning :zzz:

I've got a big flat screen if you need a place to watch the game! :lol:

Hoping I can stay conscious for this one, getting my last two wisdom teeth pulled this morning. Hoping for a big win to kick off his long holiday weekend. :thumbup:

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Current Streaks

Regular-Season Streaks

Overall: 2-game winning streak

Home: 4-game winning streak (2 shutouts)

Historical Regular-Season Streaks v. Calgary

Overall: 1-game losing streak

Home: 1-game losing streak

Last Ten Games – Current Regular-Season

Overall: 6W-3L-1OTL

Home: 7W-2L-1OTL

Last Ten Games – Current All-Time Regular-Season v. Calgary

Overall: 6W-4L

Home: 6W-3L-00TL-1SOL

Home Stand / Road Trip

This is the only game of a one-game home stand

Record v. Calgary

All-time Record v. Calgary

All-time, Overall v. Calgary

144G: 66W-61L-16T-0RT-0OTL-1SOL

All-time, Home v. Calgary

72G: 39WL-22L-10T-0RT-0OTL-1SOL

Season Record v. Calgary

This is this is the second regular-season meeting, of four, v. Calgary this season. The Club's record in the previous game:


Record on this Day

November 23

This is the 35th regular-season game played on this day. The Club’s record in the previous 34 games:


This is the first regular-season game played v. Calgary on this day.


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Franzen and Stuart are the game time decsions per Helen St. James. Not Kindl.

I say let Stuart sit anyway, it can only help him if hes sore. And Id love to see Smith get some more playing time tonight.

edit: Sorry it wasnt Helen St. James, it was the wings twitter feed. Helen just tweeted about Stuart after right it.

Edited by Din758

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Going to the game tonight! Taking a sign that says, "Hey Tom! Keep your head up!" I'm hoping Bertuzzi teaches him a thing or two about breaking jaws.

Speaking of Bertuzzi... it would be nice to see him get a little mean this year. I loved the TODD BERR TUZZI chants at the Joe last year.

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Yeah I wish we would just sit Stuart this game not to take a chance on him getting more worse whatever the injury might be. Also to get Smith more playing time would be nice as well. I just don't see why Stuart has to be a game time decision tbh.

Edited by St. Michael (the Red Wing)

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