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Caps Fire Bruce Boudreau

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I apologize if I'm kinda behind on this, but what was Boudreau's locker room speech on 24/7? What was so bad/controversial about it? Also, Ovechkin comes off as a little kid that pitches a s*** fit if he doesn't get his every wish. He's got unbelievable skill, but he seems like a little whiny prick.

I know the star player always wins these kind of battles, but I don't place the blame completely on Bruce. Sure, you've got to demand respect and earn the respect of your team, but when there are dickheads like Ovechkin and Semin who float around and play hard when they feel like it, its got to be difficult.

20 plus years ago we wouldn't see this behavior from the players; today the players can pretty much get the coach fired...It's a tough job to be an NHL coach these days; a fine balance between motivator, and an ass kisser, but rarely a hard ass (being one can get ya fired).

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Oddly enough, I was just reading in a back-issue about how Boudreau's bold decision to keep Ovi in the bench was just the sort of coaching that the team needed to move forward and deeper into the playoffs.

Yep. That worked.

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