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Trade Deadline Moves?

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I can't see Iginla going anywhere now that the Flames brought in Iginla. And with the Preds so hot, they won't part with Suter or Weber. I don't see us chasing a currently more or less washed up d-man in Gill, leaving the 2 most viable options Hemsky. Hemsky has had a history of shoulder in injuries and has only 4 goals this year, whereas Ruutu has 15 goals this season (placing him 3rd on the Wings roster oif he were to be moved here, after Franzen and Hudler). Ruutu has a strong physical presence and would be a great addition if Kenny Holland wants to push this team to the Stanley Cup. And at an affordable 3.8 million dollar cap hit, I would take him over Hemsky and his 4.1 million dollar cap hit any day.

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Bobby Ryan!! *fingers crossed*

yeahh i know its a long shot but that would be amazing. and its pretty safe to say the ducks aren't making the playoffs so they might be interested in trading away some players.

mostly just wishful thinking but you never know i suppose.

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