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2/8 GDT: Oilers 2 at Red Wings 4

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no excuses for not coming out with a W tonight, a first seeded club versus a bottom feeder, just show up. Both club got injuries so a full 60 minute game and there shouldn't be an issue. Living in Alberta i get bitter when we fall to teams like the Hoilers. So lets give em a lil payback, aka beat the piss out of them.

Wings take this one 5-2

Franzen, Cleary, White, Kronwall, Zetterberg

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Current Streaks

Regular-Season Streaks

Overall: 2-game losing streak (1 shootout)

Home: 17-game winning streak (4 shutouts, 1 overtime, 2 shootouts)

Historical Regular-Season Streaks v. Edmonton

Overall: 1-game losing streak (shootout)

Home: 4-game winning streak (1 shutout, 1 overtime)

Last Ten Games, Current Regular-Season

Overall: 7W-2L-0OTL-1SOL

Home: 10W

Last Ten Games, Historical Regular-Season v. Edmonton

Overall: 7W-1L-0OTL-2SOL

Home: 7W-1L-0OTL-2SOL

Home Games / Away Games

This is the first game of six consecutive home games, played over 12 calendar days

Record v. Edmonton

All-time, Overall v. Edmonton

115G: 55W-36L-13T-0RT-4OTL-7SOL

All-time, Home v. Edmonton

57G: 34W-16L-3T-0RT-2OTL-2SOL

Season Record v. Edmonton

This is the fourth, and final, game v.Edmonton this season. The Club's record in the previous three games:


This is the second, and final, home game of two v. Edmonton this season. The Club's record in the previous game:

1W (shutout)

Record on this Day

February 8

This is the 35th regular-season game played on this day. The Club's record in the previous 34 games:


This is the first regular-season games v. Edmonton played on this day


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Since I missed all the excitement Saturday night I'm hoping we have a good game tonight. I expect a win because we're at home.

Go Wings!!

I expect a win as well. However, the Oils are sitting at #29 on the power rankings... which means the Wings may not show up. :D I hope I am kidding!!!

Joey Mac will be just fine in nets, so long as we score more than one goal tonight. :ph34r:

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