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Cluth and Grab - back in style?

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I think the clutch and grab style of hockey has started creaping back in...perhaps it has been for a few years. I wonder if the league is actually "behind closed doors" promoting it a bit as a way of slowing the game down to help offset concussion risks.

I haven't checked any other stats, but I'm sure if you did, you'd see overall scoring down, power play opportunities per team per game down, etc. I had a look at the total number of players with 1 ppg or better each season since the lockout (ignorming guys that only played a handfull of games).

05/06 - 37

06/07 - 32

07/08 - 24

08/09 - 22

09/10 - 21

10/11 - 15

11/12 - 13 (to date)

Datsyuk is currently 8th in scoring I think and he's only averaging 1 ppg. I think Neal is in 9th and has less than 1 ppg.

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This could also be a result of teams adjusting to the new rules. I wouldn't be opposed to clutch and grab coming back though. The concussion problem was a predicted consequence of tampering with the rules, just like lower body injuries will be the new pandemic in about 5 years once hits to the head are taken out of the game. Clutch and grab and the 2 line pass should be put back in the game. I'd rather have a slower game than one where super stars miss significant amounts of time thanks to otherwise avoidable injuries. Actually, I think not having a 2 line pass rule makes the game more boring because now teams ice the puck from their zone and a player on the other side of center tips it into the attacking zone and goes for a change. Put that rule back in, and you either ice it or try to gain the line. Fatigue=mistakes=scoring chances too. Oh, and slowing the game=goons can keep up=more fights=more exciting for fans. And get rid of the instigator rule=more respect=less cheap shots=less sean avery's=utopian NHL.

Sorry if i derailed this thread. /rant.

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Guest Hatethedrake!

I don't think it's creeping back in but even if it were, it's still nothing compared to the Hudson Bay Rules style of hockey we saw in the mid 90's to 2004.

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