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Jersey Wing

A video I took at the Devils vs Blues game

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Since there is no Wings game today, (man I LOVE it when they are winning and don't play on Saturday and you can just sit back and watch other, lesser teams, fight for their lives) I thought I'd post a nice video I was LUCKY enough to be filming for on my iPhone. I'll include a few pics but the video was what I wanted to share.

It's the closest I've ever been to a goal. Best if you watch it in full screen at 1080p

Pictures from that same game:

Devils score












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That is awesome. Great catch with the video and good pics too. I went to a Houston Aeros game back in October and I was directly behind the goal 2 rows. Used my iPhone 4S to get video of 4 goals. 2 for Houston and 2 for the Charlotte Checkers. I had never been that close before for any game.

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The quality of the video is amazing.

I like spending time at that vantage point also. The other day, I don't remember which internet feed I was watching but the vantage point was taken from the corner boards during the power play and it was awesome to see the Wings move the puck from that view.

Thanks for posting it.

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