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National Anthems in Ottawa

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Completely classless with the "let me hear you" during O Canada. I don't have a problem with opera singers doing the anthems, as I've heard many of them perform them well and with the respect and dignity the songs deserve. I've also heard far too many "vocalists" from all genres turn the national anthems into exercises in musical masturbation.

This one's vibrato, however, was beyond obnoxious. If a soprano was to sing like that for any of the honors chorus auditions I've been involved with she wouldn't qualify for districts, let alone regions or all states. While being part of a chorus is different than being a soloist, vibrato wide enough to drive a semi truck through that detracts from the performance is never acceptable.

/music teacher mode

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I love the way they do it in Tampa Bay--no anthem singer, just an organ with the words on the jumbo tron and everyone sings it. :thumbup::clap:

I'm a Karen Newman fan, but I'd rather it be done organ style and the fans just sing a long.

I would think the players would appreciate if the anthems were sung at regular speed, so they can get the game started!

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