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Has parity finally arrived?

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The '08, '09, and '10 Cup champs are all down 3-1 in their series, as well as the '11 Game 7 losing Cup finalist.

In the east, every series is split at 2 except for the goal-fest that is the Pens and Flyers and thats a 4 vs a 5.

I can't help but think to get ahead now the GM has to get lucky and have someone out-perform their contract as well as have your stars perform to get any traction on the league.

Significant injuries and players who don't perform are just tremendous weights to bear now.

This isn't a specific commentary on the Wings, more of an observation on the league currently.

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Parity has been a part of hockey for a few years now.

Great if you are a fan of small market teams like Phoenix who is bankrupt yet won their division.

Horrible if you are a long time fan of successful larger market teams like the Wings. I miss the days of spending until Mr. I's checkbook was crying.

If you look at point standings for the past couple of years parity is pretty clear, 3 point games don't help that much either.

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Parity is stupid, especially in the West.

There's many teams in the East that can get national ratings.

However, in the West you have LA, Phoenix, St. Louis and Nashville who will likely advance. That's not good for ratings. Those teams are supplanting regular Cup contenders like Detroit, San Jose, Chicago and Vancouver. I'm not likely to watch the rest of the Western Conference playoffs with these teams advancing.

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