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Plays this Year

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I'm making a Red Wings: Remembering 2011-2012 video right now and I need plays to include that are memorable this year. Off the top of my head:

Datsyuk 5 seconds left goal

Datsyuk decks Weber

Howard save on Shattenkirk

Howard save on another Blues' player

Howard save on Kopitar

21 home wins in a row

Kronwall hits on Voracek, Briere, Kesler, Hemsky

Any others that I am forgetting or that you think should be included? Thanks

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Off the top of my head;

Berts goal against Buffalo in the 5-0 game.

Smith's fight I forgot against who.

Filppula's powerplay goal against Nashville on Nov. 26th.

Dats flipping it over the goal against Flordia..

Homer's goals against the BJ's.

Dats goal against Boston.

Dats goal against the Penguins.

Nyquist and Smith's first goals

I know it wasn't during the season,but Berts preseason shootout goal vs Chicago.

if I can think of anymore I'll add to it, but that is all I can think of for now.

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I'll try to include those, along with Z and Hudler's Forsberg-esque shootout goals. Bertuzzi schooling Andy Sutton is good too.

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Smith's hit on Patrick Kane, please.

Datsyuk's goal against Boston, and also his shootout goal.

Fil splitting the D (I think against LA) and Z burying the goal.

Bertuzzi fighting Weber.

Datsyuk's amazing backhand goal against St. Louis.

Nyquist's first goal, or even all the ridiculous passing goals in that CBJ game.

Not sure if you're trying to keep it just hockey plays, but the Wings did a couple pretty good remembrances for those in KHL plane crash.

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