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I see what your saying but Im also sure you havent had the pleasure of being assaulted in SJ.

Late to the thread, sorry, but I did want to say that's the lone reason I hate the Stars more than any other team in the NHL. That was quite a few years ago, and it happened to a family member, not me, but I never let it go. Every time the Stars die the death I dance on their grave. Have to confess that seeing Vancouver out early was a little Schadenfreude for me, but only because of the riots.

Seeing San Jose and Detroit (my two personal favs, sorry) both peeping over the fence from the outside? That was two rugs yanked out from under me, and I don't know why but that actually struck me as funny! So many fans talking about whether those two would face each other in the playoffs this year, and then BAM! Both out. Seeing Pittsburgh, Detroit, Vancouver and San Jose all early dust in the first round made it the strangest playoff season yet for me. Wonder what shakeups are on the horizon all around...

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I can talk about any mother ******* team I want to and no one is going to stop me.

f*** San jose,f*** the blues f*** L.A f*** ever other team thats left..f*** the teams that are not. What ya gonna do? They all suck. And guess what. Wings still rock.

I'm so sick of people on this board trying to tell others how they suck as fans and how they should be acting. Don't have a leg to stand on? I have 2 im standing on just fine. I think some of you on here need a good swift kick to the balls sometimes. hahahah some of you kill me.

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