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We may be out.

But we have COMPANY!

the Blowcouver Casucks have joined us

the San No(cup)Se Guppies have joined us

the s***tsburgh Concussions...er, sorry, Crysbys have joined us

And now welcome in the BLACKHAWK DOWNS!

All of a sudden, this whole being-out-of-the-playoffs thing isn't so bad. We're gonna make our GM do something or get fired, and all the teams we hate are now out of it too!



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It's been a weird Stanley Cup Playoffs 1st Round and while it doesn't take the pain away that the Wings are out it does help ease it a bit to know that Chicago, Vancouver, San Jose, and Pittsburgh are all on the Golf Course with us. Can't wait to see what Rd 2 has in store for us. Let's Go Rangers!!

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The 2nd round in the west is Nashville/ Phoenix and St Louis/ LA

The ratings are going to be thru the roof

Consider this craziness, though.

We WILL see one of the Nashville Predators or the Phoenix Coyotes in the Western Conference Finals. No escaping that.

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