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Helm gets his cast off

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Sporting a large scar in the shape of a Z on his right forearm, Helm is relishing being free of the cast he wore for seven weeks. Helm was injured in Game 1 of the playoff series against Nashville when he was cut by Alexander Radulov's skate blade, sending Helm to the hospital for surgery that same night, April 11


What a wicked scar Helm will have now!


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Kind of looks like the scar i have on my forehead from having melanoma removed.

Whoa! Me too!

Actually, it was a birthmark, but they said it could become cancerous if they left it, so I had it removed and it left a scar like that.

30 years too early for the Harry Potter craze, but there you have it.

Back in the day, they just called me Thunder Thighs.

Glad to see our Helmer will be back in the mix this fall.

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