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2012 NHL Entry Draft Discussion

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I love the NHL draft, get to see that first overall pick, players who get picked considerably higher/lower then expected, the block buster trades! Love it! Next comes free agency! Great time of the year (besides the actual season).

The draft is, meh, but all the unexpected trades is what I like. Well, minus the part when the sniveling little weasle gets up there to announce them. Wonder if anyone trades for Parise or Suter's rights tonight?

well i think galchenyuk will be the best forward along with forsberg and that finn .... i want us to draft henrik samuelsson ... why will the wild get the best player???

The Wild comment was a jab at another poster who swears up and down the Wild have the best prospect pool bar none.

I'll be surprised if Yakupov goes any further than 3rd. I just can't see trades not being made immediately if he doesn't go 1st. Gonna be a messy night boys.

I have not followed this draft class much, but all I ever heard about it was Yakupov this Yakupov that. This thread barely even mentions his name.

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Without having a 1st rounder this year, I am hoping for a big trade tonight from Kenny! Either a "Rights" trade for Parise or a trade for Bobby Ryan and Schultz's rights...I am giving up any combo of Franzen, Emmerton, Mursak, Kindl, pick(s), prospect....for Ryan or Parise's right's or even for a couple of other draft picks too!

(with that being said, I am not getting my hopes too high and am ready for a disappointing night....) I HOPE NOT THOUGH! :w00t2:

Does anyone want me to try and do the draft like last year? I don't know if there would be any interest with the Wings having no pick...

Ya, sure! Especially since Holland is going to make us a huge deal tonight! :w00t2: You can be the first to report it!

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Can someone tell me why Forsberg is so highly touted? 17 points in 43 games? Saw a highlight package on TV but thought those totals were a little light for someone ranked so high.

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