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Rasmus Bodin

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I thought I would fire up a thread for the biggest guy in the Farm system in Rasmus Bodin.

Almost nothing is out there on him and he seems to have some good numbers. I thought maybe some of our Swedish friends could tell us more about him and let us in on what he does.

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The Detroit Red Wings went big — bigger than anybody else — late in the 2012 NHL draft in Pittsburgh.

The Red Wings, on the advice of director of European scouting Hakan Andersson, chose 6-foot-6, 207-pound giant Rasmus Bodin in the seventh round, 200th overall, giving them the tallest player in the draft with their final pick of the weekend.

Although Andersson guesses he might be the only NHL scout who watched Bodin play last season, he didn’t want to pass on the big Swedish left-winger’s combination of skating and work ethic.

“For his size and age, he’s a very good skater — he’s not awkward like some guys are that age when they get big,” Andersson said. “He’s got good speed and he really works hard all the time. He plays with good intensity and he works, he works, he works.”

Bodin played in his hometown of Ostersund, which has a third-level pro team and a second-level under-18 junior team — hardly a hotbed for scouts. He averaged a point per game at the U-18 level, picking up seven goals and 10 assists for 17 points in 17 games.

Andersson saw Bodin play twice after receiving a tip from a friend — the same friend who tipped him off about another Ostersund native, Alexandre Edler, in 2004 — and liked what he saw. That convinced Andersson to get Bodin a tryout with HV-71 in Jonkoping, and Bodin made a big enough impression to earn a contract with the well-known organization.

“I wasn’t sure where he stood, so I got him a tryout … he did two days, on-ice and off-ice, and the coach there really liked him and wanted him right away,” Andersson said.

So just what are the Red Wings hoping for with Bodin?

“At this point, I would say I’m hoping he becomes a bigger version of (current Red Wings forward) Justin Abdelkader, a guy who works hard, uses his body and is a useful guy for the team,” Andersson said.

Andersson said Bodin has grown a great deal over the past year and is still adjusting to his bigger body. At the same time, the added size has hampered his ability to play a physical game at Sweden’s junior level, where he often finds himself whistled for hits to the head.

“He said himself, ‘I quit hitting because every time I hit somebody, my elbow ends up in their head, they go into the boards, and I get penalized,’” Andersson said. “But according to him, he likes to compete, he has no problem playing a physical game, and I think he has it in him. We’re going to find out.”

Bodin will likely play for HV-71’s J-20 SuperElit squad in 2012-13, but could see time in the Swedish Elite League if he comes along quickly.

Andersson’s final-round picks range from legendary — Henrik Zetterberg and Jonathan Ericsson — to unsuccessful — Jesper Samuelsson and Mikael Johansson. Where Bodin will fall remains to be seen, but the foundation is there for an NHLer.

“My thinking was, if nothing else, you’re going to have a big guy who can skate and work,” Andersson said. “If we do get some upside in terms of points? Exciting. It’s a bonus.”

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An article from the local newspaper where he lives in sweden, its about him getting drafted på by the wings;


Iv'e taken this excerpt from HFboards, google translate is used so the text is formatted a bit weird..

Quote from article;

Rasmus hockey dream comes true

- What can one say? This was really a huge surprise, laughs 18-year-old forward Rasmus Bodin, Östersund hockey, who was drafted to the Detroit Red Wings in the seventh and final round

Interest in the Brunflo Hockey org. schooled Rasmus has been around for awhile.

- It was a scout and looked at me early in the season, but then I have not heard anything from him. Then suddenly it happens here and it was really unexpected, and it is scarcely believe it to be true, cheers Rasmus who has his hockey life so far most experience some ten days before him.

Between July 4 to 14 Rasmus will be on camp in Detroit.

- It is really great because it's something you've dreamed about since I started playing hockey. I hope that my parents and my brother can come along too, continues Rasmus who do not exactly have an eye on what's going to happen. But all drafted players for the Red Wings and a number of other guests will be there, making it both extremely exciting and a great challenge.

Before the draft became clear it was thought that Rasmus would move to Jönköping and start training with the HV71's U20 team on July 19.

- By the time the program looks like it might be a bit tight to keep up with it, so I still have to shoot on the move a few days, continued Rasmus, who describes himself as a big, strong player who works hard and fast on skates.

Kjell-Åke Andersson in Östersund Hockey welcomes the transatlantic attention around Rasmus.

- It's a little surprising, although we are well aware of his skills and talent. But it's not so darn easy to get drafted says "Kjella" who do not know exactly what impact it has to be number ten or 200.

- Just to be drafted means that you're a really good hockey players and the talent scouts from the NHL will continue to keep an eye on you.

- We're not exactly spoiled with drafted hockey talent from our county, but every time it happens it is extremely funny. The interest around Rasmus gives a ripple effect and we continue to develop young talent in the county, we will be of interest to the Scouts, even in the future.

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