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Enhanced Red Wings News Added to Forums

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Due to popular request I've added back the Red Wings news headlines feature that was present in the last message board version. This one comes with a few differences, however. You can see it by scrolling to the top of the page and clicking on the "Show News" tab. The page content pushes down slightly to display three different sets of news feeds: Detroit Media, Red Wings Bloggers, and Wings on the Web.

The "Detroit Media" is a feed displaying the most recent articles from the Detroit Free Press, Detroit News, and mLive (Booth Newspapers). The "Red Wings Bloggers" feed displays the latest stories from The Malik Report, Red Wings Central, Abel to Yzerman, The Production Line, DetroitHockey.net and others (as many as I could get working -- some I wanted to add didn't have valid RSS feeds). The final "Wings on the Web" column is a Google News feed that gathers the most recent headlines across the web that are focused on the Red Wings.

I hope you guys like the addition, which is expanded greatly from what the past version was!

Please note: You will likely have to clear your browser's cache (to force the latest version of the site's CSS file) to view the new feature correctly. You should be able to do this by hitting Ctrl+F5.

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Very cool. For the Safari users, just go to "Safari" then "Empty Cache" (or Option-Command-E) and reload the page and the tab will be at the top.

EDIT: Should mention I am doing this for Mac people.

For Chrome hit Command-Y to bring up History and click Clear All Browsing Data. Make sure that Empty The Cache is selected. Then reload the page.

For Firefox on the menu bar click Firefox and go to Preferences. Click on the Advanced tab then the Network tab. Under Cached Web Content click Clear Now. Then reload the page.

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I'm not sure what the other blogs you added were, but two other good ones are Winging It In Motown and Nightmare On Helm Street.

Both of these are already included. I tried adding Sarah Lindenau's "Left Wing Lock" but I kept getting errors with the feed, and I couldn't find one for Matt Saler' "On the Wings".

Hopefully within the next couple of months there'll be a "On LetsGoWings.com" column that'll have the latest and greatest from here once that blog feature is completely revamped. (Slowly getting to it again!)

I can't stress enough how important it will be to re-fresh your browser if you're having displayed layout problems. Unfortunately, this appears to require a forced refresh on all distinct 'main' pages on the forums -- so you'll have to do it for the main forum index, the forum view, topic view, etc.. A minor annoyance better avoided, but I can virtually guarantee that any display problems you have -- unless you are (for some unholy reason) still using IE6 -- are fixed via a forced re-cache/refresh of your browser.)

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