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Wing Across The Pond

NHL.com Video displays biggest hits of the season

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On the NHL.com homepage their video section is showing the top hits from the last season. Safe to say, they're all good yet I was sad to see that after about 50% of the hits shown (probably even more) someone felt the need to try and drop the gloves and beat seven shade out of the hitter. It actually made me sad. Whilst most seemed to be targeting Phaneuf probably because no one really likes him, all of his hits were good, clean hits that had no reason (apart from him being Dion Phaneuf) for retaliation. Beyond that I noticed that pretty much every time a Boston player was hit clean anywhere on the ice a teammate would come along and try to retaliate, even to the point where a player makes a good clean hit and Caron and Campbell just start cross checking him when he's sitting on the ice (strangely again I think it was Phaneuf... that boy can't keep out of trouble). Bergeron even does it as well. Then when a Boston player makes a hit they feel some sort of injustice at opposition players retaliating?!

Much like Chris Neil who seems to think only he is allowed to retaliate after a hit.

There are some real beauties of hits on there, I'll try to link it in below, but it saddened me to see how many people were trying the fisty-cuffs after good, clean, hockey hits :(

LINK: http://video.nhl.com/videocenter/console?hdpid=49&id=154687〈=en5 I think it might start about a 1/3rd of the way in for some reason but it's easy to navigate really

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