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Sabres Re-sign Forward Kaleta to Multi-year Contract.

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That's way too much for Kaleta, but that said, I love that guy. He's like Tootoo but a little bigger, a little better fighter, and still can turn in a decent shift each night.

That's the total value of the contract, not per year. He'll be making $1.25 mill a year, which is less than Tootoo.

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Perhaps after a stay in the "Leino Lounge", the party might be over over; from Buffalo News:

“You should be pissed off. You should play with a little piss and vinegar. You shouldn’t be happy. We’re not in position we want to be in. We have to work harder, come in and do something about it.”

Kaleta spoke after taking extra drills with fellow healthy scratch John Scott. No other players were in the locker room to hear the Angola native question if the team wants or needs him at this point. As the media was talking to interim coach Ron Rolston, multiple observers said Kaleta was howling in anger on the ice while finishing his work.

The locker room cauldron bubbled even more after the game when goaltender Ryan Miller was asked about Kaleta.

“He’s being dramatic. We’re not discussing what Patty says to you guys,” Miller said, anger flaring in his eyes. “That’s just drama and he needs to just grow up if he’s going to say that.

“You know what? He had a stupid play in a game. He sat, he was punished. He has to get over it and move on. We handled it. He doesn’t have to go to you guys and say that stuff. There, I’m addressing it right now.”

Good for Ryan Miller; it had to be said and he seems to be the right man to say it.

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