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NHL 13 GM Connected PS3 Sim Sign Ups

nhl13 simulation ps3 ea sports gm connected

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Posted 07 August 2012 - 08:24 AM

Nevermind, all the spots are filled lol

As you may know EA's iteration of the NHL franchise this year, NHL 13, features a new online dynasty mode known as GM Connected. Read more about it here.

I am a member of a small, independant Leafs forum where a member has started taking sign-ups for this mode in hopes that we can fill up all 30 teams. After expanding it between that forum and the EA Sports forum he belongs to we're at 17/30 spots filled and obviously hoping to make 30/30 so there doesn't have to be any AI GMs. I offered to take it here to help fill some spots since I also know there may be interest here at LGW but certainly not enough to fill a league by ourselves.

Before you decide to sign-up here are some points to consider:
  • This is a PS3 league
  • It is a pure simluation GM Mode, which gives two advantages
    • Advancing seasons more quickly
    • Performance is based on pure team-building and coaching ability as opposed to just being good at playing the game
  • EA is releasing a mobile app for this mode so you can make offers for UFAs, trade offers, send messages to the league and GMs from your smartphone all without logging onto the PS3
  • The way teams will be determined is TBD, will be one of following
    • A random draft of teams with their current rosters
    • A roster shuffle (an in game option since there is no in-game support for fantasy draft), I don't think this is very likely to happen based on those who have expressed their feelings on it
    • A big-ass fantasy draft (if the game allows you to import a custom roster prior to beginning the mode) Somehow I feel like this won't be possible but we'll see
  • Seasons will advance relatively quickly, so that we can finish two in a month or so, something like 3 weeks at a time and then a break until the next sim - offseasons will allow for more time however, all of this is still TBD it's just the general plan so far.
So feel free to sign up here if you game NHL on PS3 and are interested in this new awesome mode!

I'll edit this post as the league fills up from other sites as well:

Current Status: 17/30 filled21/30 filled 29/30 Filled All Filled

Edited by T-Ruff, 08 August 2012 - 09:22 PM.

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