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Fire on the roof of Hockeytown Cafe

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Detroit Firehouse

Detroit had a 2 alarm at Webb and Byron. 2nd alarm companies picking up. Also a fire on the roof of Hockey Town Cafe. Companies picking up. They also had two dwellings at Tiremen and Ironton. That was up to 20 companies tied up at the same time. Leaving the city poorly covered.



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I noticed it right off....as Ironic as it was being "firecaptian" it could have been appropriate for anyone, the way the thread gets worded.... "Fire on the roof at Hockeytown Cafe started by centcougar....news at 11!" :lol:

I do smell a jealous fan though....trying to destroy a bit of our history! Or just some employees on break smoking on the roof and tossed the butts...

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