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Photo of Chelios on bench, stepping on stick

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I was talking to someone today about the time that Chris Chelios drew a penalty while on the bench by stepping on the stick of an opposing player that had fallen into the Red Wings bench after being checked along the bench boards. The player, frustrated by Chelios' actions, punched him in retaliation.

I recall seeing a photo posted on LGW showing Chris' skate in the stick, but I've used a variety of search keywords, and cannot find it. Can someone please post a link to the photo?

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Guest Crymson

I guess it was 2010 then?

Chelios was no longer with the team in 2009-2010. I can't positively identify any of the other players in the picture, so I can't narrow the data down any further. If that is indeed Lilja on Chelios's left, then the incident occurred between 2005 and 2007.

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