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idea: Original 6 + top teams rival league

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I guess we are all in a bad mood thanks to the lockout, so I've been thinking about a rival league, basics:

- no cap

- luxury tax

- original 6 teams + Philly, Pittsburgh, Washington, Vancouver

- commissioner voted 50/50 by players and owners

Thats ten teams who are doing well and right now are paying for some failed franchises. I think the players would appreciate a league without a CBA. If the stars are flying into the rival league and leaving the NHL behind I think there is a big chance this league could overtake the NHL given some time. I mean, which teams would fans rather see Wings versus Rangers or Coyotes versus Blues? *lol*

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Yeah, that would just start another negotiation disaster between the owners and players in a new league. Unless you are somehow suggesting the players should start a league on their own , which is an interesting idea but where do you get the cash for building new arenas and such? Maybe if the players pooled their money and bought a bunch of minor league facilities and shared ownership of it, but I am guessing that would cost a pretty penny.

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