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You quoted me before I could change that up...but I know it was some kind of locker stall thing they do to put these future leaders next to current leaders. Fil was mentioned in that regard. Not only that, but his name came out of Lidstrom's mouth when asked about a replacement captain. I think that is enough to give merit to.

The words right from Nick's mouth:

"I might get asked about my opinion of it, but I think the coaching staff and management will find a very good captain for this team," Lidstrom said.

"I think there's a few candidates that are very fit to fill that role. I think Zetterberg has been a leader for a few years. (Niklas) Kronwall emerged as a leader. I think (Valtteri Filppula) is one of the players."


And more on the Wings historically partnering up future leaders with current, specifically Yzerman-Lapointe, Yzerman-Zetterberg, & Zetterberg-Filppula:


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Zetterberg was put next to Yzerman's locker when the latter was captain. Filppula's locker being next to Zetterberg's when Z was neither captain nor guaranteed to be the next captain has no significance whatsoever. More, Filppula speaks poor English with a heavy accent, has never been noted as a leader in the locker room, and has not been noted as having any significant leadership potential. Whatever article you read on the matter was likely 100% speculative. Was it from BleacherReport?

next in line? no. after Z though, I have read something on that before. i looked for the article but couldn't find it. basically it was talking about how detroit has had its next captains sit next to its previous ones in the locker room before and mentioned something about filp sitting next to Z (and maybe lids, i don't remember)

Although, i for one think that by the time zette is done being captain/retiring, smith will be ready to take over the C as he'll likely be a top 2 D-man by then and be younger than filp.

it's all speculation. but filp will likely get zette's A when he steps up as captain.

speculative? yeah, i know.

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