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Can the NHL Please Cancel the Winter Classic?

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I know that the rumor was that it was going to be cancelled on Monday, October 29th, then it was changed to Nov. 1st. However, November 2nd is when the NHL has to make a non-refundable payment of $250,000 to the University of Michigan.

That's why I was curious. I was hoping it was that if they didn't cancel by today they have to pay tomorrow, i.e., they can't cancel tomorrow without a forfeiture of funds. If they are willing to shell out $250K for it, then they might not have plans to cancel it.

What's sad about it is I can honestly *almost* say I don't care anymore.

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All I know is that if they cancel the WC, they need to keep the teams for the next season. I'd hate to see the Wings and Leafs get screwed out of this.

Agreed but it is really so funny, how some people think that the players could use the WC as a leverage chip *lol*. The NHL itself will lose a lot of revenue and a lot of future casual fans so they are only shooting themselves in the foot.

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