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Have Your Voice Be Heard on the NHL Lockout

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The LetsGoWings.com / LetsGoWingsRadio.com podcast, The Red Line, is looking to push out a new episode sometime this week.

With the NHL lockout 90+ days deep, we want to give the fans a voice and an outlet to be heard during this episode. We hope it goes beyond the Wings fan base, but at minimum, we want to give the fans a voice.

There's three ways to be heard:

1.) Leave a comment on this post and we'll read it during the podcast

2.) Send an e-mail to topics@letsgowingsradio.com and we'll read on the show

3.) Call (313) 638-5000 and leave a voicemail and we'll work the audio into the podcast

Please include: Name (first only), City/State (country if outside North America) and your thoughts/feelings on the NHL lockout

Please, no profanity since we want to represent the Red Wings fan base in a positive light. All submissions need to be made by 5pm on Thursday, December 20.

As always, The Red Line can be heard at: LetsGoWingsRadio Podcast

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Guest Johnz96

The players are being generous helping the owners pay for contracts they signed but couldn't afford. The owners doing well can more than afford to contribute more. After all they are the ones who hired Bettman and went along with his schemes to grow the league.

He claims that they were willing to negotiate before the last season ended but has yet to negotiate anything, I don't think he understands what it means. He claims that the NHLPA aren't willing to make concessions but they are the ones who are making all of the concessions. http://www.fiveminut...ncessions.html.

Even not considering the lockouts, he is the worst thing to ever happen to the sport of hockey. When he finally unlocks the doors, boycott spending money on the NHL until they have no choice but to fire him or else we will be in the same boat when the new CBA expires.

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The Red Line is about to go into broadcast and production so if you have anything else you'd like to share, please do so now. Thanks to everyone who has left voice mails, e-mails and commented.

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