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Every player a UFA?

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This is your dream team? Tells me a couple things...you haven't been truly happy as a hockey fan since the height of dead puck era/Avs-Wings rivalry hockey (ps...I haven't really been either). Too many big guys on that team to suggest otherwise. Also, you need to dream bigger bro...if every player in the NHL were FA's, I'd imagine our team would look better than this.

I loved the teams from the late 90's. The teams from the late 90's were so well-rounded, which is why they had the success that they did. Hard to go against our 2002 team, too. I was not happy at all with the teams from the first few years after the 2004/2005 lockout (2005/06 and 2006/07). In my opinion, our most well-rounded team since the lockout has been our 2008 team. I really liked that team. I want a healthy balance of finesse and snarl.

I doubt we'd be able to get Stamkos, Selanne, and Malkin here. That is why the team I put looks the way it does. Personally, I think that team is definitely a playoff team.

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