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Now What Can the NHL Do For You, the Fans

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#41 hillbillywingsfan


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Posted 09 January 2013 - 09:40 AM

How about beer prices cut in half so that the price for one 24 oz brew costs slightly less than the cost of an average six pack? 

oh dear god then you would have more dunken fools wearing ACDC shirts at the Nashville games trying to climb over the glass to fight the players.....That might not be a good idea. hahahahahah



#42 F.Michael


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Posted 09 January 2013 - 09:50 AM

Strap Pierre Maguire.to a rocket and fire him to the moon.

If doing this will result in free Center Ice...Can I light the wick?

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#43 Opie



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Posted 09 January 2013 - 09:51 AM

I have paid for many products the NHL offers in the past 20 years, but for at least the next two the NHL will not see a penny of mine. I will not pay for any games, no highlights, no jerseys, no t-shirts, no sweat shirts, no calendars, no baby clothes, no coffee mugs, no wall clocks, no $100+ tickets to see Wings in Boston, no hats, no video games, none nada zip zilch zero. ***

Call it me locking them out of my checking account!

When I see that what the players had offered the owners in early Dec is nearly exactly what they agreed to overall, I am starting to believe the rumblings that this was the date the NHL/Owners were holding out for all along.

If you remember the early Dec offer from the players was the "this is the hill we will die on" press conference that had the Owners and Bettman and Daly all bent out of shape.

Shawn Thornton on a local sports radio show said the only real difference between this deal and the Dec offer the players gave them was the 7yr new team contract length (the players wanted all contracts maxed at 8yrs), and the Salary cap (Players wanted ~65m owners wanted ~60m).

They were only a small distance a part from each other and the owners, well their representation, came out with a ton of rhetoric about how far a part they were.

Thornton also mentioned the rumbling of players saying that the owners made up the money they were looking for the players to sacrifice by missing half of the season's payroll.

I am not sure about that last point, because I am not sure how much each team lost in revenue not having games and selling merch. But sounds fishy when you think about the fact it took a month to come to this agreement.

One in which the players still gave in, the owners come out smelling like roses and the fans get treated like s***, and no one cares about the Beer or T-shirt vendor who lost ~20 shifts at the arena (excluding pre season).

Millionaires (players and owners) acting like spoiled little babies, that is where I draw the line.

The last lockout I agreed with somewhat, changes needed to be made, the salary cap (hate it as I may) was vital in the survival of the league.

This time, they didn't even deal with the important issues; no realignment, Winnipeg will still be in the south east, head shots will still be as lethal, Pho is still league property, the league (as in the sport not the NHL the group) did not improve, it stayed the same, nearly exactly the same.

These cap circumventing contracts were not as big an issue as a salary cap or even as big as the owners/NHL made it out to be, just ask NYI how many 13 year deals they wanted to give out again. Teams (owners have to agree to deals) were handing out 10+ year deals right up until the lockout, if they were such an issue why not stop handing out long term deals at the end of last season? (Looking at you Leopold and Wild!!!!!!)

Why, because the owners and their orgs are actually the perpetrators in this mess. If the only thing the hypocrites were offering was 5 year deals do you think the players would have had a strike? No, they would have signed the 5yr deal that they saw best.

This is like getting pissed off at the dog because I thought keeping dinner in his dish was a good place to keep it safe. What is the dog supposed to do, go "Oh no, this is too much for me, and way too good. Dad, I think you made a mistake here, I would like my kibble 'n bits back please!". NO the dog eats all the food and I am the asshat, not the dog!

The owners and their GMs created this, and expect the players to help clean up their mess.

This was a bunch of rich people arguing over who gets a bigger $lice of the pie, all while the economy continues to s*** bricks all over a large portion of this country.

Bad timing, worse results!

There is nothing the league can do for me in the next 2 years to spend a dime on them, nothing.

I will watch whatever free product they put in front of me, but I will not throw any more of my money into the trashcan that is their undeserving, unappreciative wallets!

*** someone needs to make a photoshop of the priceless ads, but have it be "no Jersey sales -5 mil, no ticket sales - 10m, pissing of die hard fans of all kinds, worhtless!"

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Posted 09 January 2013 - 01:22 PM

Things the NHL can do for fans:


Step 1: Fire Brian Burke. DONE! Thanks, NHL!

Step 2: Fire Bettman.....

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