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St. Michael (the Red Wing)

Concerts. Who are you seeing?

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I saw Ringo Starr & His All-Starr Band last night at Artpark in Lewiston , NY, complete with it's own rain / thunder / lightning show which delayed the start by about an hour. Great show. He seems to be enjoying his "retirement". Earlier in the day, I went out and bought The Criterion Collection re-release of A Hard Day's Night, which celebrates the fiftieth anniversary of it's release on 06/07.

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Guest Shoreline

Been a while since I was at any concert. Saw KMFDM in Pittsburgh, PA (5-6 hour drive from Toronto) in like.. 2012? Missed a Rammstein concert in 2013 in Vancouver, so pissed. Hoping they come around this way again. Their age is getting up there now, so hoping my chances haven't run out. Not many tours come to Calgary or Edmonton for some reason, so I tend to look also toward Seattle, Vancouver, and Spokane, for one that might be worth the trip.

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