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Detroit Listed as a Bandwagon Fan Base

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i hear you loud and clear!

as everyone knows...albuquerque is a HOTBED of hockey players/fans as well...so when i see a jersey, ( any team except pens, and avalanche) i give them a nod of understanding/chat.

but for the record i have seen 1 whaler jersey, 1 senator jersey,1 sabres,2 blues, 2 kings, a few stars,pens,avalanche, and an ass load of WINGS!

so the red is rocking the desert fo-shur.

I even talk to the Pens and Avs fans. If the Avs fans remember the rivalry, they've been around long enough to talk real hockey. Likewise if the Pens fans remember the back-to-back cups.

It makes it convenient for me. All I have to do is say, "So what did you think of Lemioux?"

Well......... ;)

I always delight in conversation with women of impeccable taste.

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Guest Playmaker
They are most certainly not sellouts in name only. The empty seats one sees in the lower bowl are corporate types who didn't show up. The upper bowl, which is rarely shown, is always full.

As for the difficulty in selling out early playoff games, this has been an issue since 2007... and the Wings were at the top of the league back then. It makes no sense for you to first say that the difficulty selling out playoff games indicates troubles when, in fact, the Wings were a tremendously good team when this began happening. Perhaps you should take into account the fact that the past six years have constituted one of the worst economic periods

Has nothing to do with the economy. Look at the Tigers or U-M football. So you're telling me when Ken and Mickey are trumpeting that tickets are still available for games a day away that a thousaind people run out and buy them? Hardly. They're not running all these silly specials like Hot Dog night and what not because tickets are selling like hot cakes. They're not selling because the fans have become bored with being a good consistent team. They want the Cup every year and if they don't win, it's considered a failure of a season.

One only needs to look a few miles north to Auburn Hills and see what happened with the Pistons. The Wings are headed in that direction. Fans are already losing interest and a year or two or not making the playoffs will see the JLA turn into a ghost town, much like the Palace.

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Guest The Axe

<blockquote class='ipsBlockquote'data-author="Kira" data-cid="2339237" data-time="1357919541"><p>

Jealous, are we? Your team is not worth supporting? Jeez, people, if you listen to this crap, you're pretty gullible.</p></blockquote>

Agreed. Jealousy leads to anger. Anger leads to hate. Hate leads to suffering.

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