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Jordin Tootoo: Usage? (6:57 TOI vs. Columbus)

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<blockquote class='ipsBlockquote'data-author="Playmaker" data-cid="2344879" data-time="1358903457"><p>

I don't think the Wings have enough depth to be able to afford having a one dimensional player who can only play in limited situations. </p></blockquote>

You must not be watching the games. Tootoo is far from one dimensional.

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When Helm comes back, put him and Tootoo together. Would be an absolute wrecking ball of a checking line.

Yes, I think so too. I think Tootoo can handle more ice time and Miller should get demoted to the fourth line. He adds absolutely nothing anyway, so I'm not sure why he is on the third line to begin with. He was in on both of Ryder's goals last night also.

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