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Question for season ticket holders/anyone with ticket knowledge

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Hey everybody. I have a question regarding some tickets... Hopefully this can be answered fast and without too much debate.

I purchased 4 excellent tickets from a friend whom received them from a friend (who is a season ticket holder) for Friday's 4th home game of the season vs the Blues. My question is this. On the tickets it says "Preseason Game #4" Date, Time, Opponent TBD". These tickets are face valued at $125.00 (There are 4 of them). I got all 4 for $150.00. What concerns me is the "preseason". Is this because of the lockout and they were printed before hand...? This is home game 4, but I would hate to lose $150.00. If anyone would like a picture I can add a picture to this post. Just wanted some reassurance that these are actual SEASON tickets and good for fridays game since they are dateless...

Thanks for all the help to whomever chimes in! :)

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