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Guest Crymson

Stats Thus Far for Suter and Weber

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GP G A PTS +/-

Suter 13 0 7 7 -6

Weber 13 0 1 1 0

I think its time for an udpate on how these two are playing. And the verdict..... brutal.

I haven't really seen the Preds much. Has Weber been that bad, other than obviously his total lack of offense.

The whole Nashville team seems to be afflicted. 30th in the league in scoring. But they're also 2nd in goals against.

And I know it was only one play but I still can't believe how lazy Suter was on the Hanzal goal (with hilarious analysis. link earlier in thread).

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Guest Playmaker

FWIW, I think if you're going to generalize, I thought 77's generalizations were mostly accurate of the overall sentiment in regards to the Suter/Parise situation.

Regarding the subject of buyouts, I'm getting the impression that some may think "buyouts" means voiding the contract and the team is no longer obligated to pay. Unless I've totally misunderstood this, the team has to indeed buy out all or most of the remaining contract, meaning they still have to pay out the money, don't have the player, but just don't have the salary cap hit. Personally, I don't think there will be that many buyouts of quality players.

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For being one of the last guys in the bidding war for Suter and Parise and losing out?

I guess he knew enough not to pay the absolutely top dollar for those two, but it sounded like he was willing to pay an awful lot.

I still think Suter and Kronwall would have made a dynamic first pairing...

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