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Valteri Flippula

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Nooo, don't trade fil, I like that guy. Seriously though I do think we should keep him. Maybe put him back with Z though. I think both fil and dats need a legit shooter.


Best line last year, and since Tatar > Hudler it could be even better.


In my head I see this line killing it. Dats setting Brunner up for shots, with Franzen crashing the net for rebounds? I'm sick of Dats playing with guys who are slow and/or can't score on all the golden opportunities Pav gives them.

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Guest The Axe

I'm saying this as both a die hard Cleary fan and a proponent of bringing back Sammy; flip should stay at almost all cost. Even if it means buying out Sammy or Cleary and dumping some fourth liner

We are stuclk with Sammy. Worst signing Ever. Holland will not buy him out.

Cleary and Val we can dump. Expect Holland to sign Val at 4.5 mil per and Cleary at 1.5 mil per. And then to try to lowball Perry and lose out. "We made what we thought was a good offer." Blah blah blah

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I like Val, but he's going to command 4 to 5 mil per. Wings have more pressing needs for that money.

You got to find someone to spend it on, and in the modern NHL, Free Agency is weak year after year.

Bottom line is, you don't let good players walk away for nothing.

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