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2/17 GDT : Red Wings 2 at Wild 3

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I get to see the game! One of the guys from work had to go out of town unexpectedly (family) and I said I'd cover the night if the night gal could cover the afternoon, but they couldn't get ahold of her, so I thought I'd have to do the afternoon, which would mean missing the game, but they got ahold of her and so she's working the afternoon (which she likes better anyway) and I've got the grave, which means that I get to see the game!

Wings: As many punctuation marks as there are in the last paragraph.

Minni: As many sentences as there are in the last paragraph.

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Current Streaks

Regular-Season Streaks
Overall: 2-game losing streak (1 overtime)
Away: 1-game winning streak
Historical Regular-Season Streaks v. Minnesota
Overall: 2-game winning streak (1 shutout)
Away: 1-game losing streak (shutout)
Last Ten Games, Current Regular-Season
Overall: 5W-3L-2OTL
Away: 2W-2L-1OTL
Last Ten Games, Historical Regular-Season v. Minnesota
Overall: 7W-1L-2OTL
Away: 7W-3L
Home Games / Away Games
This is a first of two consecutive Away games, played over three calendar days
Detroit v. Minnesota
All-time, Overall v. Minnesota
45G: 30W-7L-3T-0RT-4OTL-1SOL
All-time, Away v. Minnesota
22G: 14W-4L-2T-0RT-2OTL
Season Record v. Minnesota
This is the second of three games v. Minnesota this season, with the Club's record in the previous game:
This is the only Away game v. Minnesota this season
Record on this Day
February 17
This is the 35th regular-season game played on this day, with the Club's record in the previous 34 games:
This is the 1st regular-season game v. Minnesota played on this day

Tonight's Officials
Referees Tom Kowal #32, Brad Watson #23 Linesmen Steve Miller #89, Mark Shewchyk #92

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Nyquist and Sammy both should be in. Sammy can be quite good when he has something to prove.

NyQ reassigned really makes me shake my head and wonder. NyQ and the Griff line were flying last game. The Griff power play was moving the puck like lightning and the Wings power play looked slow and lame in comparison.

Babs and all his "it's up to them if they want to play or not (depending on what they show on ice)" is starting to lose credibility with me.

Here's to hoping for a good exciting win today.

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Wish that had read "Samuelsson and Huskins are in for Cleary (waived this morning) and Quincey/White" :P

Here's hoping the Z-Fil-Brunner line heats up, the kids keep progressing, and the weak-links stay out of the way. It'd be great to get Pavel back, especially if it meant someone who is slacking finally grabs pine (god forbid). Contain Parise and company, light up Suter and friends, don't cough up the puck like Friday.

No prediction, just "Lets go Wings"!

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Minnesota has a young player debuting tonight, so he'll get a couple of goals. First career goals always seem to happen against the Wings.

Ain't that the truth. Can't make any realistic predictions for this game that don't sound a little pessimistic. So, here we go, Wings 5, minny 3 (probably a trick for the aforementioned newb). It sure does suck being mediocre.

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@AnsarKhanMLive: Datayuk said he'll take pregame warmup and then decide whether he can play tonight.

@DetroitRedWings: Wings lineup tonight: Samuelsson and Huskins are in for Nyquist (assigned to GR) and Kindl

Good for Huskins!

Pregame soundoffs:

Cleary sucks

Q sucks

Howard.better NOT be playing

Go Brunner, Go Tatar, Go Wings! Tooooootooo!

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