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Martin Frk

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<p>Yeah, the Mooseheads are my local team - loving the fact that he is finding some form. He was pretty ordinary at the start of the season. They ar eplaying again now still 0-0 at this early stage but hopefully they rack up another Cricket Score on them again tonight!</p>

<p> </p>

<p>EDIT: Closer game tonight only a 2-1 win - no points for Frk.</p>

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Per MLive, pretty good read

Pretty encouraging on the good side, still has some work to do but a cannon of a shot and a screaming one-timer, are both things we could really use.

The scouting report on Frk from RedWingsCentral.com says he "boasts an absolute cannon of a shot that can terrorize opposing goaltenders ... screaming one-timer ... uses his good-sized frame to protect the puck ... excellent hands for scoring and passing ... can beat players 1-on-1 with his stick skills ... good vision and offensive awareness ... right-handed shot on right wing, but has also proven to be effective on the left side ... extremely dangerous on power plays, where coaches like to utilize him on the point for his intimidating shot."

As for weaknesses, RedWingsCentral says that Frk could improve his physical conditioning, is a step slow in skating, could shoot more often, needs to improve his backchecking and tends to take bad penalties.

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