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Playstation 4 Thoughts?

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#1 frankgrimes



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Posted 21 February 2013 - 03:29 AM

Haven't watched the whole event, just a bit of them talking about the power behind this machine. After seeing some of the ingame graphics I must admit, I am amazed the PS 4 is an incredilbe powerhouse. Personally stuff like Netflix (I prefer to have my dvds in a shelf, even useable when I am offline!), Gaikai (never heard of them before) or some Amazon, Youtube apps are not what I am expecting from a console...these are nice to have but for sure not killerfeatures.


Things I love:

- 8 core

- 8 gb ddr 5

- no more loading times thanks to the suspend mode

- being able to play used games - thanks Sony screw you M$

- promise of streaming even PS I + II titles!

- new controller but where are the start and select buttons?

- BluRay-Drive but honestly that had to be expected

- play the game before the download is even finished

- stream the game from TV to my tablet, smartphone or whatever - awesome


Meh/Don't care:

- share button: if it want to share stuff I'll do it with my reallife friends or by using ICQ, MSN

- uploading a video, thats what youtube is for I don't need that and especially not on on the PSN

- Motion Eye bundle: just make it an external accessoire and drop the price a bit



Didn't like:

- PSN learning from my "buying behaviour"

- spectator mode: hello Sony privacy?!

- storing stuff like profiles, savings on the PSN "cloud" this looks more like a data-collection not my cup of tea


All in all I am really impressed with this beauty, the graphics are outstanding, I will not be a first day buyer but it looks like Sony has made their homework and is delivering a real powerhouse. Since I will not be using the internet on the console, the controller and graphical power paired with a Bluray-Drive are enough for me, to consider this thing. Doubt M$ has invested that much thought in their upcoming console.



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Posted 21 February 2013 - 08:54 AM

Pretty good breakdown of new features on the PS4, if people don't have time to watch the whole presser...




For me, the first positive is the ability to play used games.  I'm a perpetual console free-agent (in that, I don't hold allegiance to one company over another), but the used-game lunacy that Microsoft has been floating might be enough to push me away from one console or another.


But it sounds like Sony put a lot of thought into this system, especially in how they wanted to make it easy for developers to work on.


All in all, I'll likely pick up a PS4, though it might be upwards of a year after release before I do, depending on pricing.

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#3 IrishWing19


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Posted 21 February 2013 - 09:05 AM

Definitely agree with you on a lot of that, it looks a powerful machine, not as powerful as top end gaming-PCs but I use consoles for the convenience. I don't like the idea of having to upgrade every 18 months to get the best games to run well.


I hate the social aspect of the console, it smacks of jumping on the Facebook/Twitter bandwagon, I'm not buying a PS4 for a glorified social network I want to play gams, preferably without some stealing all my info from PSN.


I did find it odd that Watch Dogs, a game about rebelling against a fully digitally connected world, was the centre piece for the most social console released.


The exclusive games announced aren't really that exciting, Killzone and InFamous aren't exactly revolutionary, they're good but not enough to swing the balance in Sony's favour. Watch Dogs, Destiny, anything from a SquareEnix will be multiformat. E3 will make or break, Sony will want to start announcing their exclusive titles.


Really like the new advertising angle, the war on reality, it's a clever and relevant.


You seem to forgot that it was Sony that patented the technology to block second hand games but they've smartly backed off from that. I expect MS will do so as well, if the reports were even true in the first place.


Not willing to commit to purchasing a PS4 though. I'm going to wait until Microsoft announce theirs, to say that Microsoft won't put much thought into their next Gen console is incredibly naïve, Microsoft are an hugely successful company, you don't make money without putting a lot of thought into your products, especially your flagship ones!


The deciding factor for me will be price point of both systems, online subscription (removing XBL's subscription could work to MS's advantage) and exclusive games/studios for each one. Though I do think the amount of titles exclusive to each console will continue to drop, it makes little sense for developers & publishers to reduce their potential market.


Always on connection will be another bug bear of mine, PS4 won't have it, rumour is Xbox 720 could have it, if it does that's a deal breaker for me. I hate that style of DRM.

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#4 frankgrimes



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Posted 21 February 2013 - 12:37 PM

Microsoft seems to be reall stubborn so I doubt, they are going to change their plans but if they don't they are already at a huge disadvantage, because the Wii U and Ps 4 are going to allow used games.


Agreed on picking it up later, there won't be enough games to justify a release buying especially note at release prices. Wonder how much the controllers are going to cost, they are looking gorgeaus and over the top quality so 80 - 90 $ each?

#5 shoobiedoobin


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Posted 22 February 2013 - 10:37 AM

I'm still not totally sold on the used games thing. They claimed it'll play them but that activation codes were up to the publisher and while he said it'll play used games he didn't say anything about reselling them. The way he answered seemed odd. I'll give it some time. 


The hardware is good. More off-the-shelf PC parts, so it should be easy to program for. The Cell processor really taught them a thing or two. Which makes me wonder about this streaming stuff. A lot of carriers have caps and even if they don't they'll get a little pissy when you try to stream a BDR worth of game, multiple times. I just laughed when I heard no backwards compatibility. I mean that was obvious when they announced the hardware but the way they said I could stream old gen games up to PS3.....ummm..like you mean pay for them again? Uh huh, right. 


Most of the game demos fell flat, too. Outside of Killzone and those guys didn't magically learn to make fun games overnight, so whatever we saw from that game will be topped by someone who knows what they're doing, like 343.


I could go on and on but the whole thing just felt rushed and unnecessary. They didn't show a console, they didn't show a feature set, they didn't list any prices. They just came out of nowhere with this, totally not when you'd expect them to and didn't really have anything huge of substance. Just a ton of fluff and infomercial rambling and some pretty demos. They basically showed me Lady Gaga-alright at the core, nothing great, with a ton of decorations designed to divert my attention from the fact nothing of substance is going on.


I don't have a lot of time right now, I'll get into why I think they did this later.

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