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Favorite thing about the Wings this season

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my favorite thing about this team is how they blow opportunity after opportunity to earn points they should get playing a bad team.

it's like they don't want to make the playoffs.

Holland wants a new first rounder so he can play them five seasons in GR.

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  • Finally seeing mid-level prospects getting a change to be significant contributors on the Wings instead of running out and trading more picks for veterans (well, even if it took injuries to Helm, Bertuzzi, and Coliaccovo to do it)
  • Damien Brunner's shoot-first-ask-questions-later approach
  • Datsyuk arguably playing as well or better due to his insane skill and incredible intelligence, even where his age suggests his physical tools should be winding down
  • Jimmy Howard standing on his head at several points this season, and Wings fans generally unified behind the quality of his play (even with GAA and SV% numbers that prompt non-Wings fans to claim he's struggling)
  • Any Wings game where GameCenter Live doesn't excessively buffer, pixelate, or cause Comcast to throttle my ethernet connection, requiring me to have to restart my modem and router for no apparent reason.

Gamecenter works better on Xbox than regular internet streaming believe it or not.

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