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DFD Truck 22 fundraiser

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First, yes, I know this will get bumped from GENERAL, but I want as many people as possible to see it. MODS, please just give it a day before you move it.

Ladder Truck #22 is the first in ladder truck at the Joe. They were out picking up chow when someone stole some very important pieces of equipment off the truck.


It's no secret Detroit is in dire financial straights. The city can't afford to replace the tools.

The Brotherhood of Fire (a group on facebook) stepped up and that are doing a fundraiser to raise money to buy Truck 22 some new equipment.

It may be of interest to some folks here because of the logo on the front (and the fact that it's a DAMN GOOD cause that the money's for). I have no interest in this fundraiser other than I'm a firefighter and I love the Wings.



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