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Regehr to Kings. Per Dreger

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Maybe he is. Holland usually pulls trades from out of nowhere. Everyone is talking about J Bo and Regehr and all the time Holland is working a backup angle out of left field.

I'm getting hopeful he makes a splash. Regehr sounded like he'd be a great Stuart relacement who could play with Kronwall, so I'm a little disappointed we lost out on him.

But there's still a top six winger to hope for!

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*crosses fingers *squints eyes "Vanek Vanek Vanek...or Gabby"

Not usually how deadline deals work. It's typically picks/prospects for players.

1st and a 3rd seems about right for Flip. Certainly tempting, and I can definitely understand those who want to do it, but I'm not sure it's worth hurting our playoff chances and our center depth. If it looks like we won't be able to sign him, we could likely still get some value for his rights at the draft, especially if he starts scoring again.

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