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Wings record with 3rd period lead or lead in general?

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Guest DeGraa55

When the wings lead after the third we win 100% of the time. And that to me is the most important stat. Also if we ever got a two or three goal lead with the exception of that one week this season I'm sure we would be fine....problem is we can't even score two or three goals.

I am interested in the stats as well. I wonder if they support what I think is going on or not.

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Under Team Stats on NHL.com it shows some percentages that relate to this and other game situations (but unfortunately nothing as specific as two- or three-goal leads). The Red Wings are tied for 19th place with a 83.3% winning percentage when leading after 2 periods of play.

They are tied for 17th place for winning percentage (28.6%) when the other team scores first. Yet Detroit is 26th for winning percentage (60.9%) when they do score first. Interesting...

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