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The Hockey News Mishaps

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In the "Report Card" topic I posted...

"I just reread my Hockey News yearbook from last year that listed several forwards higher than him in the top 50 players. It also said his days of being a point per game player are over. What ignorance. Datsyuk is faster and just as creative as I've ever seen him. I would have liked to see what he could have done with the whole seasons worth of games."

toby91_ca replied..."Did the Hockey News really say that? After scoring 67 points in 70 games, surprising that they'd come out and say that his pointer per game days are over (perhaps you've paraphrased too much?)."

I had a hard time getting the pic up but here it is...


Got me to thinking though...

I have pretty much every THN Yearbook from 1999 to present as well as almost all the Draft Preview and Top Prospect annuals. I love THN but they biff with some regularity. I found my 2002-2003 Yearbook on the floor today (probably because my Son like to try and destroy my magazines at every opportunity). Found this little gem...


Now anyone who ever followed my posts should know Lilja was my whipping boy for a good stretch but I found this to be more optimistic than even the most staunch LGW Lilja supporters.

Lilly Pad on the first PP unit?!?!?! Offensive upside? Forward?!?

Anyway, I figured i'd make it a topic in case anyone has similiar contributions or I continue to find these (which I probably will just by chance) or i start looking for them to put in here out of boredom.

EDIT: Sorry they are sideways...if anyone can fix that, please do. Otherwise i'll have to figure it out. They were right side up when I previewed them before uploading.

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Interesting. Surprised someone would say that about Datsyuk last year. He had 70 pts in 80 games a few years ago, followed by 59 pts in 56 games i think and then 67 points in 70 games. So, on average, less than a ppg for the past 3 seasons. However, he's right around there, why would anyone so "factually" state that his ppg days are behind him? If someone asked me, I'd suggest that he's unlikely to get you 90-100 points, but somewhere around a ppg is realistic. I'd expect the same next year (perhaps less due to a full season, year older, etc.).

On Lilja...to be fair, that was written leading up to what would be his first full year in the NHL. He put up pretty good offensive numbers in the AHL.

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