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Manny>Ozzie(by a long shot)

Creepy but Hopeful Pattern between 2007 and 2013

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The Rest of 2007

Game 4

Ducks 5-3

Game 5

Ducks 2-1 (OT)

Game 6

Ducks 4-3

So to remain opposite, the Wings will win game's 5 and 6...lets hope the 2007 opposite similarities continue with a Stanley Cup victory! (ok, maybe I am asking too much, but I am with them til the end!) Go Wings!

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Guest Crymson

Did Pronger get suspended for that hit? I know the intial penalty was called on Rob Neidermayer, not Pronger...I am having a brain fart and just cannot recall if Pronger got suspensed... Still very similar series, eh? I hope it works out in our favor...

kinda of subject, but it does have to do with winning the series. The draft order is set by when you get elimated from the playoffs right? Even though I am begging for Minny to lose to Chicago and Detroit to beat Anaheim, I will absolutely puke if Minny gets the higher draft pick and scoops up a player that I really wanted Detroit to get, (Mantha, Rychel, Santini, Pulock....) That would just drive me nuts, that they got Suter over us (although hindsight it was for the better in the long run) and then they draft Mantha right ahead of us! ARGH!!!!!!!! So draft-wise, I guess it wouldn't be so bad to get eliminated before Minny, but DANG I want to Minny to fail so hard just because of the sideshow last July....

Pronger got one game. He laid another dangerous, illegal headshot on Dean McAmmond in the next round... and because Colin Campbell was as much a farce as Shanahan is, he was yet again give only one game.

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Look for a tight game with a flukey Detroit goal and Detroit winning in OT

I'd happily take a more lopsided victory though...

It will deflect off of their future hall of fame defenseman's stick and go in.

Oh wait....... Nevermind........

Please can we win one in regulation haha, my hair is already gray enough.


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