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The Anaheim Ducks eulogy

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Good stuff. :)

Edit: :ranting: Darn you, Rick D, I had to change my quote.

I'm not saying that there are more Red Wings fans in Anaheim than there are Ducks fans; I'm just saying that even in the GM's box, you can't even throw a chair without accidentally hitting a fan of the Winged Wheel.

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Describing the Ducks......

For those of you in the East who don't stay up late enough to watch good hockey teams play, just take what you know about the petulance of the Canadiens, the hands-would-be-better-if-our-knuckles-could-stop-dragging-long-enough-to-heal attitude of the Bruins, the top-heaviness of the Capitals, the coaching competence of the Maple Leafs and the emotional comportment of the Sabres

The best :lol:

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