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Who should/will we re-sign first?

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1. Brunner - UFA

2. Nyquist - RFA

3. Kindl - RFA

4. Andersson -RFA

5. Miller - UFA

6. Smith - RFA


1. Cleary - UFA

2. Smith - RFA

3. Kindl - RFA

4. Nyquist - RFA

5. Andersson - RFA

6. Brunner - UFA

I'd really like to see us sign someone this week...

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Guest DeGraa55   
Guest DeGraa55

I'd like all the RFA back and I'm 99.9% sure they will be so that's a given.

The only UFA I was back is Brunner.

But with that said I wouldn't be surprised if cleary and/or fil are brought back.

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