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St. Michael (the Red Wing)

Flyers trying to get Bobby Ryan?

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Yeah. Great plan Holmgren. Just trade Colburne. As if your D isn't screwed enough as it is.

run and gun baby. Who needs defense anyways? It is over rated, put 5 forwards on the ice and Bryz, and watch the magic happen!!

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I actually think a Ryan-Giroux 1-2 punch would be fun to watch. I don't have anything against Philly. Lot of inflated contracts on defense, though.

Great and deadly punch for sure but they'd have to score at a combined 3 goals per game rate because their defense would be atrocious. What does it take for the Flyers and the Pens to realize that run and gun without defense just doesn't cut it?

Buying out Bryzgalov might save them capspace but if they don't commit to a more balanced gameplan no goalie will succeed there.

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