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Leafs aquire Bernier from LA

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Hope I'm wrong but IMO if we don't add a GOOD top 6 forward I think we will be missing the playoffs. I know we played decent this year in the playoffs. (Being a transition year) But playing an 80 plus game season next year some Injuries are gunna happen. I don't think we have the talent to overcome them. Dats, zetts being an older age are prob gunna both sit out some time due to an injury. That's something in hockey that just happens. Also put stats aside dats looked like he lost a big step in his game (hopefully just injured) and that's not gunna be good for this team Next year. I guess here's to hoping the rookies have a great year and we find our way into the playoffs. to me, without adding a quality forward it's looking like we may miss the playoffs for the first time in for ever. But who knows...... I think tho it's time for Kenny to strike on a deal. The clock is ticking

We played through more injuries the last 2 seasons than I would have thought possible, and very few of them were to guys like Datsyuk and Zetterberg. Being older doesn't really make you more succeptible to injury. It does cause you to slow down, but these guys are still professional athletes in top physical condition and they're only in their early 30's.

The Wings will also have far less travel, a division with more weak teams in it and in a conference that has a more wide open offensive style to it that suits their game.

I expect them to have a very good debut back in the Eastern Conference.

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