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With the draft over, time to focus on UFA and trades.

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Good draft this past weekend. Lets hope all of our picks turn out over the next 2-5 years. But no time to stand still. UFA starts Friday. As a team, more specifically at forward, we need more crash and goals. We were a bottom 1/3 team offensively this past year. We need 1, really 2 scorers. We need some more guys that hit. If we can find a couple of guys that do both, great!

Clarkson and Horton both are heading to UFA. Clarkson rejected an offer from NJ over the weekend, and Horton told Boston he is out last week. Of course big Vinny is also out there.

Of course there are trades available as well. But when 20% of the league is in play or rumored to be, that list is to long to type.

Last thing is buyouts. Today is July 2, and buyouts have to be used by July 4 or wait until next summer. This could add some more surprises to the UFA market.

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