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Report: NHL to have 5 outdoor games in 2014-15.

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From Sportsnet:

NHL source: expect 4 or 5 stadium games in '14-15: Winter Classic + 3 Stadium Series games + possibly a Heritage Classic. @SBJSBD

Target Field or TCF Bank Stadium in Minneapolis, Minnesota could see a stadium series game, although owner Craig Leipold said he is only interested in hosting a Winter Classic in Minnesota.

Mo' money, the hell with "novel idea".

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Hey NHL how about this 15 outdoor games a year so all franchises are getting their NOVEL game, this league the board of governors and the PR are the biggest joke either.

Instead of locking out the players one should lockout the leagues frontoffice, because they don't care about integrity nor tradition. our beloved game is going downhill fast.

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I know we can point out the obvious....take the best idea they came up with in 20 years and now watering it down and ruining it.....BUT, if all of these games sell out quickly and sell for big $.....how stupid are they really? Some might say they'd be stupid if they didn't do it.

I think the problem is they start with 1 a year and it's so successful and so many teams are wanting to participate they have a tough time keeping everyone happy, so will it work to have more? If it does, why the hell wouldn't they do it?

Edit...forgot the big reason....the owners are business men, plain and simple. Go back to basic economics....supply and demand. The demand has been outweighing the supply on these things, so as long as the demand is there, they will supply it. If they don't, they wouldn't be very good businessmen.

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how about something like this?


I mean... not a Roman arena (in North America), but something big in a warmer climate... ;)

I've no problems with Outdoor games becoming annual gig, even multiple times a season. they're extreme fun to watch and fantastic opportunity to promote the game. IMHO better and for die-hard fan also much more interesting way to promote hockey.

sure it doesn't make so huge impact as a single event, but..

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