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Oddly moving Luongo tribute

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For years I never really cared for Lou. I thought he was a bit arrogant and definitely overrated. Ever since the ridiculous way they handled the debacle in Vancouver i find myself secretly rooting for him. He always remained humble, supportive of Schneider and well, a class act.

The way they treated him and THEN to pull that Bullshard at the draft and rename him the " number 1 guy" in Vancouver after he believed he would get the opportunity to start his career......I dunno, I wish him well. I'd be embarrassed to be a Canucks fan after stringing the guy a long for a year. Good luck Lou

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I absolutely love Canada and there is no country I would rather have bordering my country 20 minutes away from my house. But let's face it, you are an easy target to make fun of, too.

Can you imagine a world without the US? It would be a feral planet.

Can you imagine a world without Canada? It would not be any different.

Yeah, the anti-American sentiment gets tiresome.

Lol I love ehen Americans claim to be number one at everything. There are plenty of countries with lots of firepower too, the world would get on just fine without America. Difference is other countries like Canadians, can't say the same about the best country in the world though

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